You’ve heard of the nerd/jock romance… get ready for the nerd/ROCK romance!

Aspiring musician and delinquent-in-reform, Danny Strife, strikes up a friendship with bookish teaching assistant, Alden Taylor, at community college. Danny educates Alden about his favorite subject – music – and Alden shows Danny a potential future at an amazing music school. As time goes on, however, their feelings for each other grow beyond friendship… and definitely beyond student and TA…

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“B-SIDE You” is a college romance/drama webcomic that takes place in Minnesota in the early 2000s. Danny and Alden are accompanied by supportive family, creative friends, and wary peers. (And a dog.)

The Soundtrack

“B-SIDE You” started as a story about a young man who wanted to sing, and another young man in the audience who stared at him like he was the sun itself. This comic is my love letter to music, and this story would not exist without its soundtrack.

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